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Yama Oto Umi

Hokuriku 5 days

The sample itinerary starts from Tokyo, but we can arrange the reversed tour from Osaka or Kyoto.
Self-guided tour plan in Hokuriku is also available. Check the tour here.

Tour code PEH01

  • Fukui
  • Gifu
  • Ishikawa

Recommended staff

Yoko Kurihara

 Yoko Kurihara
  1. Day 1

    Go to Takayama

    Early in the morning, say hello to your guide at the bus terminal in Shinjuku, we take a express bus to Takayama(about 6 hours).

    After arraival in Takayama, we drop off the luggage at a hotel, walk around the town.
    [Stay : Takayama]

    • Takayama
    • Takayama
  2. Day 2

    Enjoy Shirakawago

    After breakfast, we take a bus to Shirakawago (about 1 hour).
    Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and feel the Japanese tradition.
    *The bus terminal has luggage lockers, left-luggage service.

    Then we take a bus again to Kanazawa(about 1.5 hours).

    [Stay : Kanazawa]

    • Shirakawago Hida no sato
    • Shirakawago Hida no sato
  3. Day 3

    Enjoy Kanazawa

    We will visit the following places in Kanazawa.

    • Kenrokuen park
    • Omicho-ichiba(market)
    • Higashi chayagai
    • Kanazawa castle-park
    • Nagamachi Buke Yashiki(Sumurai’s residence)

    [Stay: Kanazawa]

    • Kanazawa
    • Kanazawa
  4. Day 4

    Do it your self + fantastic view

    In the morning, we visit Traditional Handicrafts Village Yunokuni no Mori to try one of experiences below.

    • Gold leaf pasting
    • Gold-inlaid lacquerware(Wajima-nuri)
    • Buckwheat noodles making

    In the afternoon, we visit Tojinbo. It is a series of basalt cliffs with the stunning geological formations and enjoy the scenic views of the Sea of Japan.

    Today’s staying is at a Zen village, you can feel the Sprit of Zen.

    [Stay: Eiheiji Zen village]

    • Tojinbo
    • Kanazawa Kinpaku
    • Tojinbo
    • Kanazawa Kinpaku
  5. Day 5

    Feel Zen sprit

    In the early morning, we join “Otsutome” at Eiheiji-teple.
    “Otsutome” is a term in Japanese Zen Buddhism that refers to various forms of formal meditation practice or ritual observances. It encompasses a range of activities including seated meditation (zazen), chanting, bowing, and other ceremonial practices.

    In the after noon, we go to Maruoka castle, this is one of only 12 castle towers still remain as original.

    After that, go to Fukui station to catch the bullet/express train to Kyoto, Osaka or Tokyo.
    Your guide will say good bye at the Fukui station.

    • Eiheiji
    • Eiheiji
    • Maruoka castle
    • Eiheiji
    • Eiheiji
    • Maruoka castle