Y-O-U japan

Yama Oto Umi

Kyushu 7 days

Through this tour, you will learn from the oldest Japanese myths to Kamikaze spirits during the war.
Also, do not forget the beautiful scenary, tasty foods and hot springs!

Tour code PK01

  • Fukuoka
  • Nagasaki
  • Kumamoto
  • Miyazaki
  • Kagoshima

Recommended staff

Kyoko Matsubara

 Kyoko Matsubara
  1. Day 1

    Arrival at Hakata, Fukuoka

    Check in to the hotel in Hakata.
    Transfer to the Airport / train station is available on request(extra fee)
    Tenjin or Nakasu are good for enjoy Yatai, stalls on street.
    [Stay : Hakata]

    • Yatai
    • Yatai
  2. Day 2

    Nagasaki Sightseeing

    In the moring, we visit the Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine, a Sanctuary for Learning, Culture, and the Arts.
    After that, we drive to Nagasaki, on route, stop at Kujukushima where the lots of small islands are floating in the sea.
    In Nagasaki city, we visit the Glover garden.

    [Stay : Nagasaki]

    • Kujukushima
    • Glover garden
    • Kujukushima
    • Glover garden
  3. Day 3

    Ferry to Kumamoto and enjoy the city

    In the morning, we visit the atomic bomb memorial and the peace memorial museum.
    Then we go to Shimabara by car to take a ferry to Kumamoto(30-60 mins / depends on ship).

    Kumamoto castle will be visited in the afternoon.

    [Stay: Kumamoto]

    • Nagasaki
    • Nagasaki
  4. Day 4

    Enjoy Mt.Aso and touch the Japanese myths in Takachiho

    We drive to Mt.Aso and enjoy the beautyful nature.

    After that, we continue to drive to Takachiho where the one of the super important towns for the oldest Japanese myths.
    Because, it is says that the town is regarded as the place of “Tenson-Korin(the descent to earth of the grandson of the sun goddess)”, then founding of Japan and its history have begun.
    We visit some shrines regarding to the myths and the gorge.

    In the evening, we watch Takachiho Yo-Kagura. It is a Shinto ritual. We can enjoy 4 episodes(performance/dance) from the the myths.

    [Stay: Takachiho or a town near by.]

    • Takachiho
    • Takachiho
  5. Day 5

    2 beautyful shrines along the coast

    After breakfast, we drive to the east coast of Miyazaki prefecture.
    We will visit Aoshima shrine and Udo-Jingu.

    Then go to Kagishima city to stay overnight.
    Or we can stay at Kirishima Onsen(hot springs) instead of Kagoshima.

    [Stay: Kagoshima]

    • Udo Jingu
    • Udo Jingu
  6. Day 6

    Learning about Kamikaze and enjoy sand spa

    At the beginning of the day, enjoy Sengan-en, it is the garden and residence of the feudal lord of this area, Shimazu.

    Then drive down to Chiran. This town is known as a base of Kamikaze special attack team, and also well preserved district of Samurai residence.
    We visit the memorial museum and the district.

    Today’s stay is at a Japanese style inn of Ibusuki Onsen(hot springs).
    You can enjoy Japanese style traditional multi course dinner and steamed sand bath.

    [Stay: Ibusuki Onsen(hot springs)]

    • Ibusuki
    • Chiran
    • Ibusuki
    • Chiran
  7. Day 7

    Going to the airport for your return flight

    We send you to Kagoshima airport or Fukuoka airport.
    End of our services at the airport.