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Yama Oto Umi

Aizu SAMURAI Festival / 21-23rd September 2024

YOU TOO CAN BE A SAMURAI TODAY! Ready for a once in a lifetime experience in Aizu?

Tour Itinerary Highlight:
1: Experience parading through Aizu’s castle town with the feudal lord’s procession
2: Stay at a scenic hot spring inn with a floating stage
3: Enjoy activity, SAMURAI experience at the scenic hot spring inn
4: Stroll through Ouchi-juku, a townscape from the Edo period
5: Savor Aizu’s local cuisine at a Taisho period-built merchant house and marine
products store
6: Explore Nanukamachi, a townscape in Taisho Romantic style
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Tour code SAS01

  • Traditional culture
  1. Day 1

    21st September 2024(Sat.)

    Check-in and dinner are at your convenience.

    [Accommodation] Hotel Osakaya, serving as the starting point of the Aizu Five Routes.

    • Aizuwakamatsu Tsuruga castle
    • Aizuwakamatsu Tsuruga castle
  2. Day 2

    22nd September 2024(Sun.)

    [Meet up] 7:30 am at Osakaya lobby (Breakfast is at your own convenience.)

    Depart at 7:30 am and walk to Tsuruga Castle for the departure ceremony at 9:00 am.
    Participate in the Aizu Samurai Festival Parade until 13:00.
    (*Please note that the parade may be canceled in
    case of inclement weather such as rain.)

    [Lunch] Aizu specialty dish Kitakata Ramen and Sauce Katsu-don (deep-fried pork cutlet on rice)

    14:30-16:30 We visit Ouchi-juku
    17:00 Arrival at Ookawaso where we stay tonight.

    [Dinner] Enjoy Kaiseki cuisine crafted with an abundance of Aizu ingredients.

    [Accommodation] Ashinomaki onsen Ookawaso, Spectacular inn with a “floating” stage

    • Aizu Hanko festival
    • Aizu Hanko festival
  3. Day 3

    23rd September 2024(Mon.)

    [Breakfast] Indulge in a healthy breakfast featuring homemade products crafted with locally
    sourced ingredients (Buffet style)

    10:00 – 12:00 SAMURAI Experience at Ookawaso Dojo

    After that, we take the bus to Nanukamachi street, townscape of Taisho Romanticism,then strolling
    until 14:45.

    [Lunch] Delight in the Aizu Local Cuisine, a 10-dish SANKAI Course at Nanukamachi street

    Board the bus to Aizuwakamatsu station, arrive at 15:00, the tour ends at the station.

    • Samurai experience
    • Shibuyawa Donya
    • Samurai experience
    • Shibuyawa Donya