Y-O-U japan

Yama Oto Umi

Ikebana Lesson in Shitamachi (Old fashion town)

Let the guests understand one of important and unique Japanese culture, Ikebana (Japanese style flower arrangement). The lesson is possible to be held at big tatami room of Shitaya Jinja (Shinto shrine). Chairs and tables are available.

Tour code SFA02

  • Traditional culture
  • Flower arrangement

Recommended staff

Yoko Kurihara

 Yoko Kurihara
  1. Day 1

    Content of the lesson

    Duration is about 2 hours
    1. Explanation of history of Ikebana (about 20 min)
    2. Demonstration of Ikebana (about 10 min)
    3. Guests create their works (about 45 min)
    4. Photo taking (about 15 min)
    5. Enjoy tea and sweets while seeing the works (about 20 min)
    6. Local house visit  (about 10 min)