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Morning Practice of Sumo wrestlers

Sumo wrestlers dedicate the morning practice to sharpening their skills, training their minds, and focusing their concentration at its peak.
The practice session, where the stablemaster and all the wrestlers gather, only takes place in the morning.
Therefore, everyone is serious and the atmosphere is highly sacred.
This experience allows you to interact with real sumo wrestlers during their morning training and truly experience the authentic world of sumo.

Tour code SSP01

  • Traditional culture
  1. Day 1


    • Get up close with real sumo wrestlers during their morning practice at the stable.
    • Learn about the traditions of sumo, the sumo competition process, including Japan’s six annual grant tournaments.
    • You are informed about the rules and manners when visiting in advance.


    07:45 – Meet your guide at a nearby train station before making your way to the sumo stable.
    Learn from your guide about how the origin of sumo dates back at least 1500 years originated from the religion of Shintoism, and about how it preserves rituals and traditional aspects of Shinto while also being a major spectator sport in Japan.

    08:00  Sumo practice visit(40 to 90 minutes)
    *The practice/tour may be a bit shorter or longer than expected depending on the content of the practice etc.)

    at least 10:00 – Good bye to your guide at a same train station where we met.

    [Meeting point]
    It will be “Honjo-Azumabashi”station or “JR-Ryogoku” station in general.
    But it depends on the date of the tour, because there are several sumo rooms in total.
    We will inform you about the meeting place one week before the tour.

    [General Rules]

    ・Private conversations are strictly prohibited.
    ・Please sit on the floor when watching the practice.
    It is forbidden to put your feet up while watching. (Please sit cross-legged, sitting with your knees up, seiza(heel sit))
    ・Regarding the order of seats, it is not based on the order of arrival at the meeting place.
    Please note that you can not select your seat.
    ・Photos are OK but only without the flash.(It may not be allowed in some sumo stables)
    ・Video shooting is prohibited.
    *If you shoot a video even once, you will be asked to leave.
    ・Please turn off your mobile phone or put it in silent mode.
    ・Eating and drinking are not allowed
    ・Minimum age is 12 years old.
    ・Please note that if you make a lot of noise or do not follow the precautions, you may be asked to leave.
    ・The rules for visiting different sumo stables differ.
    Please be sure to follow the instructions of our staff and refrain from arbitrary actions.
    ・Please note that those who do not comply with the above may be asked to leave.
    ・Please note that refunds will not be given if you leave in the middle.

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