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Yama Oto Umi

Mt.Fuji 3 days

You will be able to climb up to the top of MT.Fuji, the highest peak of Japan.
Because you stay 2 nights at the huts, you have more time and relaxed than regular tour.
Our proffesional licensed mountain guide will take you to the top of Japan!

Tour code SMF01

  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Mt.Fuji

Recommended staff

Takuya Noga

 Takuya Noga
  1. Day 1

    Mt.Fuji 5th station(Fujinomiya) - 6th hut

    At 18:00, meet your guide at the 5th station of  Fujinomiya(Altitude: about 2,400m) .
    Then climb up to the 6th (Altitude: about 2,493m) station Hut.

    Optional : Forest limit area walking 12:00 start

    *Transfer from your hotel to the 5 th station is available on request(extra fee).

    *If you can not come until 18:00, you can be accepted at the 6th hut until 21:00(climbing up between 5th station – 6th hut by yourself without guide).
    [Meal: Dinner / Stay : 6th hut / walking duration about 1 hour]

    • Mt.Fuji
    • Mt.Fuji
  2. Day 2

    6th hut - Sumit - 10th hut

    We will have breakfast 6th hut watching the sun rise.
    From 07:00, we start climbing to the 10th hut(Altitude: about 3,700m).

    [Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Stay : 10th hut / walking duration about 8 hours]

    • Mt.Fuji
    • Mt.Fuji
  3. Day 3

    10th hut - 5th station

    Wake up 1 hour before the Sun rise, start climbing to the Top of Japan(Altitude: about 3,776m) and We will have breakfast there watching the sun rise.

    Then do “Ohachi-meguri”, it’s walking around the volcanic crater.

    After “Ohachi-meguri”, we go down to the 5th station by Oo-Sunabashiri(sand running) route to Gotenba-guchi(or Fujinomiya-guchi, if you want)  5th Station.

    Good bye to your guide and end of the service at the 5 th station.

    [Meal: Breakfast / walking duration about 6 hours]